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Good bookkeeping puts you in control of your business.

  • How much do our customers owe us? How much do we owe our suppliers?
  • When will our invoices be paid? When must we pay our suppliers?
  • How much profit are we making? Do we have enough cash?
  • What about payroll? VAT? Income tax?

These are issues that will distract you from running your business.

In fact, addressing these issues properly requires an entirely separate set of skills from those required to run a business, but skills that are essential if costly mistakes are to be avoided.

Account Abilities bookkeeping services exists to take care of all of this for you by helping you manage the financial aspects of your business both present and future.

Account Abilities primarily provides personalised bookkeeping services for small businesses located in Woking and Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Kathy's skills are a vital asset to any small business wanting to focus more on generating wealth than on attending to paperwork and record-keeping. Her unique blend of informality and professionalism allows her to provide the ideal level of service to the specific needs of your business.

In addition to bookkeeping services, Kathy also provides virtual office management, training in bookkeeping methods and in the use of bookkeeping software.

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